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A respected criminal defense attorney with a wonderful reputation in and around San Jose, Patrick M. Coughlin handles a variety of cases, many of which involve traffic-related criminal charges. He is very familiar with the local legal system and has successfully resolved dozens of cases involving jury trials. A passionate and very knowledgeable lawyer, Patrick Coughlin is eager to help you bring your current criminal case to a close. Whether you have been issued a speeding ticket or charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you can depend on the Law Offices of Patrick M. Coughlin for excellent legal service.

Cases Handled at the Law Offices of Patrick M. Coughlin

Patrick M. Coughlin primarily focuses on criminal and traffic law. He is passionate about defending the rights of his clients, some of whom have all but lost hope. In addition to handling criminal cases, he also assists those who have been issued speeding tickets and other traffic citations.

Many of Patrick Coughlin’s cases involve the overlap of criminal and traffic law. He works extensively in DUI law, helping those who have been accused of driving under the influence avoid such repercussions as jail time, fines, mandatory participation in rehabilitation programs and license revocation. Over the years, he has successfully resolved over 1,000 DUI cases. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your current criminal charges, you can rest assured, knowing that when you work with Patrick M. Coughlin you case is being handled by one of San Jose’s finest criminal lawyers.

The Law Office of Patrick M. Coughlin: Affordable and Aggressive Criminal Defense

After being charged with a criminal offense, it is vital to get in touch with a trusted criminal defense attorney. Consider working with Patrick M. Coughlin, who brings a welcome sense of respect to all of his interactions with his clients. Patrick Coughlin understands the amount of unfair judgment with which his clients are forced to deal — and the last thing he wants to do is add to that burden. Instead, he provides aggressive representation, which ultimately allows him to secure the best possible case resolutions for his valued clients. If you have recently received a traffic citation or have been accused of committing a crime, do not hesitate to contact Patrick M. Coughlin. He will do whatever is necessary to put your current legal matters behind you so that you can move on with your life.

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