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Appearance Attorney

You can't be everywhere at once. When you are working under a heavy case load, there may be times when your schedule comes into conflict. The court doesn't run on your schedule, though, so when you are required to appear in court, but other professional or personal obligations get in the way, Patrick Coughlin can appear on your behalf, ensuring your professional obligations are met, so your clients are getting the service they deserve and your case keeps moving forward.
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Criminal Offenses

When you’re charged with a crime, there’s a lot at stake. Potential consequences include a loss of freedom, costly fines, loss of employment and the adverse effects of a permanent criminal record. From misdemeanors to felonies, the Law Office of Patrick Coughlin is an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney who will fight for your rights to attain the best outcome. Attorney Patrick Coughlin has a track record of success and has attained dismissal of charges, reduced charges, and parole instead of prison, reduced sentencing and appeals on behalf of his clients.
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Being pulled over for driving under the influence is a stressful and scary experience. Added to the stress is having to deal with the DMV and issues involving driving privileges. That's where hiring an experienced attorney to navigate both the criminal charge as well as the DMV hearing is crucial. Patrick Coughlin has handled over 1,000 DUI's to date and knows the landscape of both court and the administrative hearing at the DMV. He strives to keep his clients constantly updated, and works toward the best possible outcome for every single one of his cases.
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While expungement means “clearing” of a record, under California law what it means is dismissing a charge against you. In most cases, this involves asking the court to reopen a case against you and dismissing the resulting charges. Generally, only those crimes which were charged as misdemeanors are eligible for this process. In some cases however, it is possible to reopen a felony conviction, have the charges reduced to a misdemeanor and subsequently have the misdemeanor dismissed.
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Traffic Matters

All states, including California, have laws that govern the behavior of drivers. If you break these laws, you may be charged with a traffic offense. While many of these offenses are minor, some of the more serious offenses carry severe penalties. For this reason, people who have been charged with traffic offenses in California should consider seeking counsel from a qualified attorney.
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